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Easy way to install Pulse Build on Kodi using Ares Wizard

*****LINK DEAD***** Use: or instead of *****Everything else is still valid!***** Supercharge your Kodi with Pulse! This is a very easy to use build and has all the features that you would expect from an up to … Continue reading

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Black Box Kodi add-on Setup Guide

The Black Box is a popular Kodi build and very easy to set up. Just follow the guide below if you would like to give it a try. First open up Kodi and navigate to System – just below click … Continue reading

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Firestick Hack / Easy Kodi Install Guide

Getting your Firestick up and running is a lot easier than you think. The main thing is getting Kodi installed and running. After that it is simply a matter of installing the addons etc that you require. This guide will … Continue reading

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Rick & Julie’s Haslingden Round

This is a great walk to try if you are nearby. Let me know what you think!

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Dead Toshiba 22DL704B TV Repair (vestel 17PW80)

This is another easy Vestel fix, worth checking if you have a dead TV with a vestel 17PW80 PSU. I found zero virtually zero power going to the main board and the screen controller kept tripping. I checked the capacitors … Continue reading

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Charge your phone while burning junk!

So I like the great outdoors, I enjoy walking and camping – nothing too crazy like mountain climbing (not yet anyway). The one thing that seems to be a problem to all the geeks out there is phone power. I … Continue reading

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Rick’s Repairs

Rick’s Repairs is here!  

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We have all had the problem were a printer just doesn’t respond. Normally it isn’t a driver problem, just a bunged up printer queue. The easy way to fix is to right click on the printer icon in the taskbar … Continue reading

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Web Hosting

This is the hosting company that I use, basically it is the cheapest I can find! I would recommend them completely, I get 100% uptime and support 24 hours if I need it. Give them a look – click here

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Home Access Parent / Learner Passwords

The govenment funded Home Access Program was put into place to provide free or greatly reduced in price laptops for families on low income. These laptops have “Windows 7 Pro Natl. Academic Only OA” or “ULCPC (ultra low cost personal … Continue reading

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