Firestick Hack / Easy Kodi Install Guide

Getting your Firestick up and running is a lot easier than you think. The main thing is getting Kodi installed and running. After that it is simply a matter of installing the addons etc that you require. This guide will cover stage one – the Kodi install. Addons I will cover later.

First of all you will need to download the required files etc:

Kodi – as of writing this guide the current release is v15.2 Isengard
Make sure you download the Android ARM version.

Firestarter – get the latest version.

AdbFire – get the latest windows version.

Put these files into a folder called firestick or similar on your desktop.

First lets go to your Fire Stick.
Go to Settings > System Developer Options – Enable ADB Debugging then allow Apps from Unknown Sources
Next go to Settings > About > Network and make a note of the IP address

Now to the PC –

1. Run AdbFire
3. Click NEW
4. In description type anything you want
5. Enter the IP address of your firestick
6. Click save
7. Click connect
8. Click install apk
9. Select the Firestarter apk file that you downloaded and install
10. When that has finished select the Kodi apk file that you downloaded and install – this may take a short while
11. Once install has confirmed click disconnect

Back to the Fire Stick:

12. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Firestarter and Launch Application
13. Navigate Left then go to settings
14. Scroll down to Startup Application and change to – No Action –
15. Change Home Button Single Click Application to – Kodi
16. Change Home Button Double Click Application to – Fire TV Home

Restart the Fire Stick and you are done! Addon setup guide to follow.

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  1. Dan Guise says:

    Got me up and running in no time. Great guide. Thank you.

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