Black Box Kodi add-on Setup Guide

The Black Box is a popular Kodi build and very easy to set up. Just follow the guide below if you would like to give it a try.

First open up Kodi and navigate to System – just below click on File Manager.


Click on Add Source and add as the source and leave the description as tbb – click ok.


Go back to the main screen and open Settings, then addons, then install from Zip File.


Select tbb as the source and then select the black box repository. This will install the Black box repo for future updates.


Next go back to the the main screen. Navigate to Programs followed by “Get more..” and scroll down and select The Black Box Wizard and install.


Now go back to Programs and open The Black Box Wizard. Here you can choose which build you wish to install, I am going to install the Latest Build. This will take a while to download and install. When it has finished your device may need to be force closed. If you are using an android based device such as a Fire Stick you will need to pull the power and restart. Next time you open Kodi your new build will be up and running.


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3 Responses to Black Box Kodi add-on Setup Guide

  1. christine says:

    keeps saying cant connect?

  2. Barry Anthony says:

    When I try to enter the wizard it comes up with a connection error. All else is confirmed and connected to network. I think I am going to remove and reinstall kodi 16. Should cure the disruptive connection

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