Easy way to install Pulse Build on Kodi using Ares Wizard

*****LINK DEAD*****

Use: http://www.areswizard.uk/ or http://www.areswizard.co.uk instead of http://areswizard.srve.io/aw_zip/

*****Everything else is still valid!*****

Supercharge your Kodi with Pulse!

This is a very easy to use build and has all the features that you would expect from an up to date build.
First make sure that your Kodi is up to date. At the time of writing this, 16.0 Jarvis is the current version.
If you already have a build installed, run Fresh Start from Addons to delete all of the content.

Lets get started:

Navigate to System then just below open File Manager.


This screen will come up.


Click on Add Source and enter http://areswizard.srve.io/aw_zip/ as the new source


Go back to the main screen and open Settings, then Addons.


Then install from Zip File.


Now select aw_zip as the source and then select the file that comes up. It will be called something along the lines of areswizard, this name may change as different updates are released.


Next, navigate out and into programs, a new program called Ares Wizard should have appeared. If may take a minute or two to come up.


Run this and the Ares Wizard will start. Select browse builds.


You will find that there are loads to choose from – I prefer Pulse Aeon Nox (Jarvis). After you have selected the build, it will begin downloading all of the files required and then start to install. This will take a while…..


When it has finished your device may need to be force closed. If you are using an android based device such as a Fire Stick you will need to pull the power and restart. Next time you open Kodi your new build will be up and running.





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