Home Access Parent / Learner Passwords

The govenment funded Home Access Program was put into place to provide free or greatly reduced in price laptops for families on low income.

These laptops have “Windows 7 Pro Natl. Academic Only OA” or “ULCPC (ultra low cost personal computer)” on the windows sticker.

As the program has now finished, there are a lot of laptops knocking around with passwords on the “Parent” account.

If you restore the laptop to factory you will need the password to get into an administrator account.

I think it’s about time these passwords fell into the public domain, so here are a collection of confirmed passwords, I hope they can help.


cometpar – usually found on models supplied by Comet

welcome – samsung models

changeme – samsung models

Misco – I’m sure you can work out who supplied these ones….

xmahaadmin РXMA trade distributers now part of Westcoast

parent – Zoostorm models

learner – PC World Toshiba

Others sometimes used were reported to be $tone2010 / Learner (capital L) / T3chnical






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