Easy way to install Pulse Build on Kodi using Ares Wizard

*****LINK DEAD*****

Use: http://www.areswizard.uk/ or http://www.areswizard.co.uk instead of http://areswizard.srve.io/aw_zip/

*****Everything else is still valid!*****

Supercharge your Kodi with Pulse!

This is a very easy to use build and has all the features that you would expect from an up to date build.
First make sure that your Kodi is up to date. At the time of writing this, 16.0 Jarvis is the current version.
If you already have a build installed, run Fresh Start from Addons to delete all of the content.

Lets get started:

Navigate to System then just below open File Manager.


This screen will come up.


Click on Add Source and enter http://areswizard.srve.io/aw_zip/ as the new source


Go back to the main screen and open Settings, then Addons.


Then install from Zip File.


Now select aw_zip as the source and then select the file that comes up. It will be called something along the lines of areswizard, this name may change as different updates are released.


Next, navigate out and into programs, a new program called Ares Wizard should have appeared. If may take a minute or two to come up.


Run this and the Ares Wizard will start. Select browse builds.


You will find that there are loads to choose from – I prefer Pulse Aeon Nox (Jarvis). After you have selected the build, it will begin downloading all of the files required and then start to install. This will take a while…..


When it has finished your device may need to be force closed. If you are using an android based device such as a Fire Stick you will need to pull the power and restart. Next time you open Kodi your new build will be up and running.





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Black Box Kodi add-on Setup Guide

The Black Box is a popular Kodi build and very easy to set up. Just follow the guide below if you would like to give it a try.

First open up Kodi and navigate to System – just below click on File Manager.


Click on Add Source and add http://tbbwizard.co.uk/tbb/ as the source and leave the description as tbb – click ok.


Go back to the main screen and open Settings, then addons, then install from Zip File.


Select tbb as the source and then select the black box repository. This will install the Black box repo for future updates.


Next go back to the the main screen. Navigate to Programs followed by “Get more..” and scroll down and select The Black Box Wizard and install.


Now go back to Programs and open The Black Box Wizard. Here you can choose which build you wish to install, I am going to install the Latest Build. This will take a while to download and install. When it has finished your device may need to be force closed. If you are using an android based device such as a Fire Stick you will need to pull the power and restart. Next time you open Kodi your new build will be up and running.


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Firestick Hack / Easy Kodi Install Guide

Getting your Firestick up and running is a lot easier than you think. The main thing is getting Kodi installed and running. After that it is simply a matter of installing the addons etc that you require. This guide will cover stage one – the Kodi install. Addons I will cover later.

First of all you will need to download the required files etc:

Kodi – as of writing this guide the current release is v15.2 Isengard
Make sure you download the Android ARM version.

Firestarter – get the latest version.

AdbFire – get the latest windows version.

Put these files into a folder called firestick or similar on your desktop.

First lets go to your Fire Stick.
Go to Settings > System Developer Options – Enable ADB Debugging then allow Apps from Unknown Sources
Next go to Settings > About > Network and make a note of the IP address

Now to the PC –

1. Run AdbFire
3. Click NEW
4. In description type anything you want
5. Enter the IP address of your firestick
6. Click save
7. Click connect
8. Click install apk
9. Select the Firestarter apk file that you downloaded and install
10. When that has finished select the Kodi apk file that you downloaded and install – this may take a short while
11. Once install has confirmed click disconnect

Back to the Fire Stick:

12. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Firestarter and Launch Application
13. Navigate Left then go to settings
14. Scroll down to Startup Application and change to – No Action –
15. Change Home Button Single Click Application to – Kodi
16. Change Home Button Double Click Application to – Fire TV Home

Restart the Fire Stick and you are done! Addon setup guide to follow.

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Rick & Julie’s Haslingden Round

This is a great walk to try if you are nearby.

Let me know what you think!

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Dead Toshiba 22DL704B TV Repair (vestel 17PW80)

This is another easy Vestel fix, worth checking if you have a dead TV with a vestel 17PW80 PSU.
I found zero virtually zero power going to the main board and the screen controller kept tripping.
I checked the capacitors for the usual bulges etc but they appeared to be fine.
There are 5x large diodes, just below the caps in the secondary section of the power supply. Soon found the fault:

Lift one of the legs on the first 3x – D708,D709 & D710.
Then check them with a meter – I found D710 to be shorted.
I soldered the other 2x back and tested the TV for 30 seconds with the shorted diode disconnected.

I would recommend replacing all three – you looking for a 200v 3A UF5402, easily available on ebay for a couple of quid.

Simple fix.



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Charge your phone while burning junk!

So I like the great outdoors, I enjoy walking and camping – nothing too crazy like mountain climbing (not yet anyway). The one thing that seems to be a problem to all the geeks out there is phone power. I like to use an iPhone to track my walks and this really kills the battery. If I decide to go off grid for a couple of days, carrying a small tent on my back and a few beers, then this can become a problem. This was before the Bio lite camp stove! This really is an amazing piece of kit!

Basically you can pick up a few twigs and bits of wood, get a fire going to cook your supper and charge your phone while your at it.

Awesome! I really can’t recommend this enough, check out the reviews on Amazon.


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Rick’s Repairs

Rick’s Repairs is here!

ricks repairs


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We have all had the problem were a printer just doesn’t respond.

Normally it isn’t a driver problem, just a bunged up printer queue.

The easy way to fix is to right click on the printer icon in the taskbar (next to the date/time) and delete any pending jobs / clear the print queue. Then simply restart the computer before trying to print again.

Hopefully that will fix it, if not then we need to get out the big guns!

You can Force a delete of the print cue if nothing else works:

1. Go to Start, Control Panel and Administrative Tools. Double click on the Services icon.
2. Scroll down to the Print Spooler service and right click on it and select Stop.
(In order to do this, you need to be logged in as Administrator.)
3. Next you need to go to the following directory: C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\PRINTERS.
You can also type %windir%\System32\spool\PRINTERS into the address bar in Explorer.
(if the C drive is not the default Windows partition.)
Delete all the files in this folder.

This will clear all print queues.

4. Now you can go back to the Services console and re-start the Print Spooler service.

At this point, you should be able to print without a problem, although a restart is recommended.

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Web Hosting

This is the hosting company that I use, basically it is the cheapest I can find!

I would recommend them completely, I get 100% uptime and support 24 hours if I need it.

Give them a look – click here


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Home Access Parent / Learner Passwords

The govenment funded Home Access Program was put into place to provide free or greatly reduced in price laptops for families on low income.

These laptops have “Windows 7 Pro Natl. Academic Only OA” or “ULCPC (ultra low cost personal computer)” on the windows sticker.

As the program has now finished, there are a lot of laptops knocking around with passwords on the “Parent” account.

If you restore the laptop to factory you will need the password to get into an administrator account.

I think it’s about time these passwords fell into the public domain, so here are a collection of confirmed passwords, I hope they can help.


cometpar – usually found on models supplied by Comet

welcome – samsung models

changeme – samsung models

Misco – I’m sure you can work out who supplied these ones….

xmahaadmin РXMA trade distributers now part of Westcoast

parent – Zoostorm models

learner – PC World Toshiba

Others sometimes used were reported to be $tone2010 / Learner (capital L) / T3chnical






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